Sunday, February 08, 2009

School, My Birthday, and everthing else...

It's been over a month since I've blogged. I don't really have a lot of time, although if I didn't get on Facebook or Myspace I'd have some to spare. ha. Well, I am taking 16 hours of classes this semester. I get shocked looks everytime I tell people this, though I don't know why. My 2 hardest classes, Freshman Composition (which I LOVE) and Contemporary Liberal Math (whatever that's supposed to mean) are online, so I have a week to do everything and I've been working ahead of schedule anyway. I have 3 classes on Campus: Deaf Culture, ASL II, and Fingerspelling/Numbers. I find Deaf Culture fascinating and love the class. It's mostly lecture and we watch videos and answer questions at home. Though, those are due once a month, so I have plenty of time for it. ASL II require a little bit more homework, but mostly, it's easy because I know most of it. I'm learning some new stuff, but mostly I'm being reminded of signs I've forgotten. My Fingerspelling/numbers class is separated to fingerspelling on Mondays and numbers on Wednesdays. Fingerspelling is easy. I'm pretty good at reading it, and doing it, so hopefullly I won't have too much trouble there. Numbers class is requiring us to video tape ourselves a lot. But mostly, it's easy. Lucky for me, all 3 of these classes I have on Mondays and Wednesday 8-2. I have an hour for lunch in there too. So, I get to be home with the kiddos every other day of the week. It's really good for me to be able to get out and do something. I've been wanting to go to school and I finally picked something to go for. I should be a Sign Language Interpreter in 2 years. I hope to one day, maybe, teach sign language in school, or maybe teach deaf children. I'm not big on teaching oral to them, though, and that's what Baylor requires when you take their program.

Let's see, I'm 23 now. My birthday was fantastic. I got a pair of BRIGHT yellow shoes from Hillary. THANK YOU! They are awesome high heels and very vibrant. My mother in law got me a TI-84 calculator...very much needed, a great gift. And my marvelous hubby got me what I wanted the most, an undermount radio for my kitchen. I LOVE IT. He kept telling me he wasn't going to get me what I wanted because he didn't get what he wanted for his birthday. (I LOOKED EVERYWHERE, PEOPLE!) But, when I got home, lo and behold, there is my new radio! I was so excited.

Joel is FULL OUT walking now...more like running. The boy only walks when he's mad. If there is food within like a 10 foot radius, he will sprint for it. He is so funny. He makes word sounds when I tell him things like "banana" and "food" but still isn't good at mimicking them. I think he's a bit behind Aurora on that aspect. But that's okay, no two babies are alike, right? But really, he's doing great developmentally. Physically, he's a bit on the hefty side, but he's just a big boy, he's happy and that's what matters. He loves popping his lips for food or kisses. I think it's funny how it's the same for him for either. He's still very huggy. If you pick him up, he will just grab you around your neck and squeeze. It's so sweet, the sweetest hugs I get.

Aurora is starting Tee Ball this year. She has tryouts this Saturday and then they will pick her team on the 29th. I signed up to be a coach, but I have no idea if they'll need me. I hope they do because I know I'd like to coach as they get older.

I'm super excited about the kid's birthday this year. I know it's still 2 months away, but I'd like to have the party at my house, and since it's not quite finished yet, 2 months isn't much time. I'm hoping a lot of my family can come up. My aunt said she probably would, but I don't know for sure. Lucky her, her best friend paid to take her on a 2 month trip to Australia and New Zealand. I'm way jealous, I've always wanted to visit Australia. I can't believe my babies are going to be 4 and 1. It just hardly seems possible.

Anyway, I'm rambling on and probably not making much sense. I know my grammar is probably awful throughout this whole mess and that's because I'm just writing what I'm thinking. So I'm out for today!

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Blogger Kevin + Brandy + Kaleb said...

It's about time we had an update on here. I had given up on you! We want to see some pictures! Love you!

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